contentmanagerWith the ReliaServe Content Manager, you can update your Web pages in real time, or schedule updates for months in advance! This simple, browser-based editorial tool requires no HTML skills.

A Content Manager template can be applied to any screen in your site. Once a screen is enabled, all you have to do is enter the desired text, click PREVIEW to make sure it looks the way you want, and then schedule it to go LIVE — immediately, or at some date and time in the future.

This facile, powerful e-mail program enables you to create and manage lists, write and save e-mails to be sent, and schedule e-mails to be sent on the date and at the hour of your choosing.

It includes automated opt-out and bounce-back features and browser-based administration. And when it is integrated with the ReliaServe Registration Center, your lists are continually updated with the names and addresses of users who have interacted with your site, be it through site registration, or by purchasing something at your store, or even simply by sending you a structured e-mail.