Chat lines: Experience, How it Works, And Free Trials

My name is Rebecca, and I want to share my thoughts and experience on my chat line experience because I firmly believe it will have a positive impact on your life. Hey, what’s the world without spreading positive vibes?

My History With Chat Lines

Rebecca, Author of

At 28, I was an antisocial computer programmer working for an IT firm in California. My routine was very predictable because I did the same things day in day out. It’s like I was still in high school following a strict school program.

I used to wake up at 6 am and prepare for work. I rode my scooter to work every day for about 15 minutes before parking it outside a coffee shop that was adjacent to my office.

I would buy a cup of coffee then head straight to my desk, where I worked until midday before taking my lunch break. After launch, I would go back to work till 5 pm before returning home to my cat, Sassy. Boring, right?

In a nutshell, I lived like a programmed zombie. I’m naturally shy, and making friends had been a very tough task since I was little. Before subscribing to my first chat line, I had very few friends who lived miles away back in my hometown in Toronto.

I never had any friends in California. I even found it hard to interact with my colleagues. Well, all that changed, and I now have countless friends from all over the world. How did this happen?

How My World Fell Apart

Even though I was a loner, I had a boyfriend who lived in Toronto. When I think of it right now, I find it very ironic. I had dated my boyfriend for around three years, and we met twice a year, on Independence Day, or during Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve.

We used to call each other every day from 9 pm, and we’d talk about how our day was for around one hour before going to sleep.

In July 2013, my boyfriend stopped calling or picking my calls. I was distraught. I texted him on Facebook and Twitter, but he never responded. One day, I came across a picture on his timeline; he was with a pretty blonde woman, and they seemed very intimate.

Initially, Chat lines helped me distracting me from thinking negativity.

I never threw in the towel, and I called him every day until he finally picked my call. I confronted him, and the other end of the line was as silent as the grave; you could hear a pin drop. He finally broke the ice, and the words that came from his mouth made me shake with fear and desperation.

“Becky, we can’t be together anymore. I have a new girlfriend.” He said. These words still linger in my mind to date. My world was crumbling apart. He used to make me feel special-like I was on top of the world. I often felt like a superstar, and now the curtains were closing on me.

I had an egg in the face moment, and I could feel the whole world laughing at me even though I was alone. Long story short, the next few months were hell on earth. I felt like an empty shell without a purpose in life.

How Chat Lines Changed My Life

After my breakup, my routine changed, and I was now browsing the internet from 9-10 pm before I went to bed. One day, I came across a chat line advert that caught my eye on my Facebook timeline. Like the curious cat I am, I decided to click on the link and check out the site.

Using chat lines I discover a totally new me, I wasn’t shy and could socialize.

What I saw seemed too good to be true. LiveLinks offered free trials to all new callers. I told myself that this was an opportunity of facing my shyness, and I knew that I had to talk with someone who wasn’t my family member.

As of now, I have used chat lines and phone sex lines for a solid six years. I am no longer insecure, and I often shoot my show whenever I want. In fact, I consider myself a chat line expert and an addict, but in a good way.

I grew so attached and passionate to phone sex chat to a point where I decided to come up with ReliaServe, my chat line site. I made this decision after noting that I was staying up very late, flirting and chatting with hot strangers from different parts of the world.

Phone sexing through chat lines is fascinating. If you have never used one, I recommend that you do. Besides, there is no harm in trying. They are completely safe, anonymous, and they offer free trials to new members.

How Phone Chat Lines Work

Chat lines are simple: call, record a greeting, listen to others greetings and start chatting! simple as that.

When I first joined LiveLinks, I was having a hard time trying to figure out how things worked in a chat line platform. Since I already have a lot of chat line experience tied under my belt, I will guide you on how to use chat line platforms. Most of them, like Two Talkers and Fonochat, are very user-friendly.

The following are the simple steps you can take to start enjoying chat line services.

Call a Chat Line Number of your Choice

To begin your chat line adventure, go through different chat lines, and dial the number of the chat line that makes the best impression. Most have free trials, and you should take advantage of this and check them out; all chat lines. Don’t stress; there are no hidden charges.

Record a Greeting

Recording a unique greeting message is the most crucial part of using chat line services. Your greeting message will determine a lot in chat line platforms.

Your greeting message markets you to the chat line world. It’s supposed to describe and introduce you to other callers. Make sure that your greeting message is audible enough. If you are anxious, you can practice several times before recording the perfect greeting message.

Listen to other Callers’ Greeting Messages

After recording a unique greeting message, the next step is simple. Sit back and go through a list of other chat line callers’ greeting messages. This part gives you the perfect opportunity of getting in touch with singles of your choice.

Pick a Chat Line User of your Choice

After listening to several greeting messages, you’ll have a rough idea of who you want to connect to. Reach out to them by requesting to initiate a conversation with them. Once they approve your request, you can embark on the magical chat line journey.

Begin a Phone Chat

Start chatting with a chat line user of your choice. Don’t worry about your phone details leaking or getting exposed. Your call is completely anonymous, and third parties will never have access to your conversations.

They are end-to-end encrypted, and you can talk about anything under the sun. At this point, it’s advisable to be courteous.

Avoid using profanity as you are getting to know each other. You should also practice turn-taking. Don’t talk only about yourself; give the other user the chance of introducing themselves.

If a chat line user does not impress you, you aren’t obliged to keep talking to them. Hang up and move on to a different chat line user.

Chat lines give users different experiences depending on a user’s tastes and preferences. The following are some chat lines you can use or subscribe to:

1. LiveLinks


LiveLinks is the chat line that made me a phone sex addict. It’s one of the most successful chat lines in the world, and it has millions of users every minute, every day.

Meet exciting fellow singles, connect, and flirt without spending a dime by using the free 60 minutes trial it offers. Why wait? Dial its number and begin a fantastic social adventure.

(866) 244-6458

2. Two Talkers

Two Talkers

Two Talkers is among the most recent chat line in the industry. Using its services gives you an upper hand because it doesn’t have many people meaning that every user has a shot at meeting a potential partner.

Two Talkers gives you a lifetime opportunity of using free 60 minutes to interact with fellow singles. Don’t hesitate. Dial Two Talkers chat line now! You won’t regret it.

(800) 963-7792

3. Fonochat


I have a perfect experience with Fonochat. It’s among my favorite chat lines because it gives me an opportunity of chatting with Latinos. I find their accent extraordinarily sexy, and I can’t help but get naughty whenever I use this chat line.

Are you into Latinos? If so, Fonochat is your loyal companion. It will match-make you with a Latino of your choice. Besides, it offers free 60 minutes. Don’t waste this chance! Exploit it as much as you can. You never know, your next partner could be a call away.

855 897-4739

4. RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline

Wow! When I think of RedHot Dateline, I immediately get turned on. The people I’ve met here are borderline crazy-but in a good way. RedHot Dateline users are free spirits who don’t fear to speak their minds.

If you are the type that enjoys wild and kinky sex conversations, then this is the phone sex line that you need. Try it out! It offers a 60 minutes free trial to new members.

877 328-5373

5. ChatLine Dating

ChatLine Dating is notoriously known for its great community of callers. This trusted adult chat line has mind-blowing features. It’s quite popular with men and women who are looking forward to forming long-lasting relationships.

It is also preferred by those who are looking for a no-strings-attached friendship. Make use of its 30 minutes free trial and mingle with fellow singles from your area.

(877) 448-8935

6. Lavender Line

Lavender Line is famously known for hot lesbians with wild sexual fetishes. It has been around the chat line industry for a while, and it has connected millions of ladies.

It was exciting and intimidating features that make ladies look forward to engaging in steamy uncensored phone chats. Make use of its 10 minutes free trial period. You never know, you might immediately subscribe to its services.

800 975-7792

7. Interactive Male

Interactive Male has served guys looking forward to have some fun with fellow gents loyally for quite a long time. It’s fun, safe, and secure.

If you are a guy looking for a fellow hot guy from your locality, then this is the exact chat line that you need. Make use of every single minute carefully before you exhaust the 10 minutes free trial period it offers.

800 125-2932

8. Vibeline

Vibeline is a simple chat line that allows users to navigate through it hassle-free. According to personal experience, Vibeline is among the least complicated chat lines in the industry.

It is convenient, and I would recommend that those who are new to phone sex lines to use and exhaust every minute offered by its free 60 minutes trial period.

877 437-9731

9. GuySpy Voice

As its name suggests, GuySpy Voice is the chat line of choice to the sons of the universe who prefer bi-sexual or gay relationships. GuySpy Voice is notoriously known for hardcore sex chats, and it is not for the fainthearted.

If you consider yourself as a hardcore gay, who is never bothered filthy phone sex talks, feel free to check out this chat line. GuySpy Voice offers new users a 60 minutes free trial period.

866 520-3696