Reliability and Service are at the root of ReliaServe Internet hosting.

Our networks remain fully operational in the event of a failure of any single system, network component or ISP connection. And with our automated notification and recovery systems, technical personnel can be on the problem in minutes.

technologyEach ReliaServe Web site is hosted on at least two servers that are placed in a round-robin rotation. The capacity of each site can be increased easily, simply be adding more servers to the rotation. This enables ReliaServe to host economically both small low-usage and high-usage sites, and makes ReliaServe particularly flexible to handle “burst” applications, such as those linked to intensive, short-term promotion.

ReliaServe’s communication infrastructure relies on several Wide Area Network (WAN) links to major Internet Service Providers. ReliaServe can take advantage of two OC-3 fiber-optic loops that are installed in our building, as well as several T-3 links deployed by NetAccess, which is colocated in our building. At ReliaServe, additional bandwidth is just a phone call away.

Our hardware platform features Intel and Alpha based servers, with a minimum 400MHz CPU and 128MB, 100MHz SDRAM. All our interior networks operate at 100Mbit/s. We have a centralized Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), independent air conditioning, security systems, etc.

ReliaServe is proud to be one of the leaders in integration of open-source software, such as Linux OS, Apache web server, OpenSSL, Squid cache, and Perl, with commercial solutions such as Windows NT. This open-source software, developed by dozens of programmers and tested and deployed by millions of users worldwide, provides flexible, reliable and, at the same time, inexpensive solutions to complex problems of professional web services, enabling ReliaServe to offer true state-of-the art technology at low costs.

ReliaServe maintains its high security levels by deploying packet filtering routers (firewalls) and reverse caching servers. The content and database servers are located on interior networks, and are not directly visible from the Internet.